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UNA-Canada Remembers the Hon. Hugh Segal

August 14, 2023

With the death of the Hon. Hugh Segal last week, we have all lost a remarkable member of our larger Canadian family.

The Board of Directors and members of the United Nations Association in Canada will always remember an exceptional human being who gave a lifetime of service, through various conduits, including as a dedicated public servant, political advisor and Senator; as an engaged educator in his time as Master of Massey College and at Queen’s University; as an insightful writer and commentator; always as a champion of progressive social values. And always with a wonderful sense of humour. We were privileged to have his advice and support as a member of our Board of Directors for 6 years.

UNA-Canada is proud and humbled to recognize Hugh's contributions to our collective fabric. His work will continue positively impacting generations of Canadians, as well as the larger global community. He will never be forgotten.


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