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Canada Green Corps


Science and Technology Internship Programme


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Who We Are

In partnership with Natural Resources Canada, STIP is dedicated to creating and providing quality green employment opportunities for youth in the natural resource sector by offering up to 75% wage subsidies to employers across Canada. These green jobs should create positive environmental outcomes and have a strong tie to one of the natural resources sectors: energy, forestry, mining and earth sciences.

Who We Are

Breaking Barriers

In order to reflect Canada’s rich diversity, CGC-STIP partners with hiring organizations interested in hiring youth who identify as :

  • Youth Furthest From Employment (YFE):​

    • Indigenous

    • From Northern Territories

      • Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut​

    • Living in Remote Communities

      • ​Permanent or long-term settlement with at least 10 dwellings that does not have year-round road access

    • Living with a Disability

  • Youth from Employment Equity Groups (YEE)

    • Women

    • Racialized Youth

There are no minimum educational requirements. 

Breaking Barriers

Participant Eligibility


Be 15-30 years of age

Inclusive at the start of the placement

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Legal Status

Must be either:

  • Canadian Citizen

  • Permanent resident

  • Refugee

Legally able to work in Canada and according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations

Employment Status

Full-time employment

30 hours/week minimum

New hires after April 1st, 2023

Participant Eligibility

Programme Overview

  • Up to 75% wage subsidies for all types of positions in Natural Resources

    • Up to $19,000 for Job Ready Youth

    • Up to $21,500 for Youth from Employment Equity Groups (YEE)​

    • Up to $24,000 for Youth Furthest from Employment (YFE)

  • Last day of placement funding is January 31st, 2024. Exceptions may apply.

  • Funding is available on an extremely limited basis. 

  • Priority will be given to employers interested in hiring YFEs or YEEs. 

  • No deadline to apply. However, placement funding is subject to availability.

Programme Overview

Eligible Natural Resources Sector and Sub-Sectors

Energy Sector

  • Clean Energy Technologies

  • Transmission, Smart Grid  & Energy  Storage

  • Energy Efficiency, Fuel Switching

  • Sustainable Development of Non-Renewable  Resources

Forest Sector

  • Forestry & Support  Activities

  • Ecology & Management

  • Non-Traditional Forest-Based Bioeconomy  Products Manufacturing

  • Solid  Wood Product Manufacturing

  • Pulp  & Paper Product Manufacturing

  • Prospecting & Exploration

  • ​Construction & Development

  • Extraction & Milling

  • Manufacturing & Processing 

  • Reclamation, Closure, Care & Maintenance

  • Mining Supply & Services

  • Critical Minerals

Earth Sciences & Support Sector

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental Protection

  • Geomatics & Earth Observation

  • Natural Hazard Risk Analysis and Prevention

  • Sustainable Development

  • Climate Change Adaptation

Mining, Minerals, & Metals Sector 

Eligible Natural Resources Sectors and Sub-Sectors
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Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

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Participant Podcast

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