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Canada Green Corps

Science and Technology Internship Programme


Canada Green Corps - Science and Technology Internship Programme (CGC -STIP)

In partnership with Natural Resources Canada, CGC-STIP is dedicated to creating and providing quality green employment opportunities for youth in the natural resource sector by offering up to 75% wage subsidies to employers across Canada.


These green jobs should create positive environmental outcomes and have a strong tie to one of the natural resources sectors: energy, forestry, mining and earth sciences.

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Natural Resources Canada - UNAC

Breaking Barriers

In order to reflect Canada’s rich diversity, CGC-STIP partners with employers interested in hiring youth who identify as:

  • Youth Furthest From Employment (YFE):​

    • Indigenous

    • Living in Northern Territories

      • Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut​

    • Living in Remote Communities

      • ​Permanent or long-term settlement with at least 10 dwellings that does not have year-round road access

    • Living with Disabilities

  • Youth from Employment Equity Groups (YEE)

    • Women

    • Racialized Youth

There are no minimum educational requirements. 

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Participant Eligibility


  • Be 15-30 years of age (inclusive at the start of the placement)

Legal Status:

  • Must be either Canadian CitizenPermanent Resident or have Refugee Status

  • Legally able to work in Canada and according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations

Employment Status:

  • Full-time employment (30 hours/week minimum)

  • New hires after April 1st, 2024

  • Summer jobs, co-op placements and temporary contracts are not eligible

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Programme Overview

  • Up to 75% wage subsidies for all types of positions in Natural Resources

    • Up to $19,000 for Job Ready Youth

    • Up to $21,750 for Youth from Employment Equity Groups (YEE)​

    • Up to $28,000 for Youth Furthest from Employment (YFE)​

  • Last day of placement funding is January 31st, 2025

    • Exceptions may apply

  • Funding is available on an extremely limited basis

  • Priority will be given to employers interested in hiring YFEs or YEEs

  • No deadline to apply. However, placement funding is subject to availability.

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Eligible Natural Resources Sector and Sub-Sectors


Energy Sector

  • Clean Energy Technologies

  • Transmission, Smart Grid  & Energy  Storage

  • Energy Efficiency, Fuel Switching

  • Sustainable Development of Non-Renewable  Resources


Mining, Minerals, & Metals Sector

  • Prospecting & Exploration

  • ​Construction & Development

  • Extraction & Milling

  • Manufacturing & Processing 

  • Reclamation, Closure, Care & Maintenance

  • Mining Supply & Services

  • Critical Minerals


Forest Sector

  • Forestry & Support  Activities

  • Ecology & Management

  • Non-Traditional Forest-Based Bioeconomy  Products Manufacturing

  • Solid  Wood Product Manufacturing

  • Pulp  & Paper Product Manufacturing


Earth Sciences & Support Sector

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental Protection

  • Geomatics & Earth Observation

  • Natural Hazard Risk Analysis and Prevention

  • Sustainable Development

  • Climate Change Adaptation

Participant Feedback



This new job has taught me tenfold what I knew about how electricity works, hardware basics as well as installation processes, and furthermore how to run a successful business from the ground up. [It] has certainly changed my career outlook and where I see myself in 5 years. [It] has provided me with a new found spark in a vastly growing industry and has lit a fire under me to learn everything I possibly can about solar.

~ Jalen

Prince Edward Island

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