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Youth Break Barriers to Employment (YBBE)

UNA-Canada's initiative to tackle youth un-and underemployment in positions relating to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals


What Is YBBE?


YBBE is an innovative youth employment programme that aims to stimulate the Ontario economy by training youth aged 15-30 (inclusive) and matching them with a quality employment placement.

We offer up to 75% wage subsidy to employers related to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Additional training opportunities for interns available!

If you are an organization from St. Catharines, Toronto or Hamilton, and are interested in receiving wage subsidies and training for new hires, apply today!

Please note that UNA-Canada is an equal opportunity employer and encourage organizations interested in hiring differently-abled, rural/remote and/or indigenous youth to apply to funding.

Hands Up

To apply, download the job description template and send it to the Project Officer in your area

To apply, fill out the intern application survey!

Breaking Barriers

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Gain work  experience

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

Provide training and certification

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Create positive  outcomes

Programme Manager



Lisa Rosenberg

Programme Team

Project Officer
Lauren Bennett

Project Officer
Grace Parr

Project Officer
Odeeth Lara


Anchor 1


15-30 years of age

Inclusive at the start of

the placement.

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Legal Status
  • Must be:

    • Canadian Citizen,

    • Permanent resident and/or

    • Refugee status

Employment Status
  • Looking for full-time employment

(30 hours/week minimum)

  • Must have been out of school for 6 months minimum (exceptions may apply- inquire for more details)

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