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Remembering The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney

With the death of The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, we have all lost a remarkable member of our larger Canadian family. The Board of Directors and members of the United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) join others from all walks of life in Canada in remembering an exceptional human being who gave a lifetime of public service as one of this country’s distinguished Prime Ministers.

In 2001 UNA-Canada took great pleasure in honouring Mr. Mulroney for his many contributions to the United Nations. "He strongly supported the UN as an institution for good, and as a focal point through which Canada exerted significant global impact." said Jaime Webbe, President and CEO of UNA-Canada. As only one example of that commitment to the UN and its ideals he was instrumental in leadership of global efforts to end the apartheid regime in South Africa and that sorry historical chapter. Under his watch, Canadian contingents were sent to virtually all corners of the globe as participants in UN peace-keeping operations. He had a personal role as one of the initiators and as co- chair of the 1990 World Summit for Children that led to the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (a Convention subsequently adopted by all but one Member State of the UN) . He took satisfaction in the selection of Louise Fréchette as the first Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and he strongly supported the talented young Elizabeth Dowdeswell in becoming the head of the UN Environment Programme and UN Habitat. He was also a generous donor to UNA-Canada.

UNA-Canada is proud and humbled to recognize Brian Mulroney’s contributions to our collective fabric. His work will continue positively impacting generations of Canadians, as well as the larger global community. He will never be forgotten. We thank him for his service.


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