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UN's Call for Human Rights Reform in Iran and Urgent Action for Afghan Women

The United Nations (UN) has long been at the forefront of advocating for human rights across the globe. One of its most pressing concerns in recent years has been escalating human rights abuses eroding the rights of women and girls.

To provide two of many examples, the UN has consistently expressed deep concern over the human rights situation in Iran, where issues such as arbitrary detention, lack of due process, restrictions on freedom of expression, and discrimination against women have persisted.

Furthermore, the UN is deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan, where Afghan women are being systematically barred from attending school, a direct violation of their fundamental human rights.

In Iran, Niloufar Bayani, a former staff member at the UN Environment Programme known for her work in environmental conservation, has found herself unjustly detained in Iran. The UN, along with many countries and international organisations, has called for her immediate release, stressing that her detention is not only a violation of her rights but also an affront to the principles of justice and freedom that the UN stands for.

Simultaneously, the UN strongly condemns the unjust exclusion of Afghan women from education and calls for their rights to be upheld. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has stated, ‘Monday marks two years since girls were banned from attending high school in Afghanistan. This is an unjustifiable violation of human rights that inflicts long-lasting damage on the entire country. Girls belong in school. Let them back in.’

As global citizens, it is our responsibility to support the UN's call for the release of individuals such as Niloufar Bayani and to stand up for Afghan women's fundamental rights and freedoms. Only through concerted efforts and a commitment to the UN's principles can we hope to bring about positive change and put an end to human rights abuses in Iran, Afghanistan, and around the world.


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