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New Dips Forestry at UBC

The New Diplomacy of Natural Resources uses empathy-based learning to stimulate inclusive and constructive dialogue on polarizing topics regarding natural resources development in Canada. How do we create a balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and a secure quality of life? By creating a space for students and experts (representing perspectives of ENGO, Indigenous groups, government, and the private sector) we discuss and debate these pressing issues to gain new insights regarding natural resource development.

In Vancouver on October 23rd UNA-Canada's New Dip's programme discussed Forestry using a blended delivery of both in-person and virtual participation. The youth delegates concluded the event with the creation of a resolution upon navigating the topics of reconciliation, development, and conservation with the guidance of subject matter experts. Everyone stated they learned from the experience - a huge success.

A special thank you to the University of British Colombia Forestry and Western Economic Diversification Canada for supporting this event. And thank you to Valerie Langer, Rick Jeffery, Sheryl Lightfoot and Doug Konkin for their guidance and coaching of our delegates.

If you would like to participate or become a sponsor, email

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