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My Journey as a Junior Professional Consultant (JPC) with IOM Ukraine

By: Ruina Kabir

Disclaimer: The views are those of the author's alone and do not represent the views of UNA-Canada.

Image 1: JPC Ruina Kabir

Through my internship with UNA-Canada, I was allowed to work as a Junior Professional Consultant with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Ukraine in the displacement tracking matrix (DTM) as a data analyst. IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with government, intergovernmental, and non-government partners. The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is IOM’s information management system for data collection and dissemination of information on displacement and population mobility. DTM collects data through field coordination teams composed of staff positions in key regions and a well-established network of key informants. IOM Ukraine implemented the DTM to support humanitarian response initiatives by monitoring population displacement and mobility, priority needs, and critical socio-economic conditions influencing people’s ability to select a durable solution to their displacement.

Image 2: IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix Logo

While working on this project, I realized the enormous impact that winterization will have on returnees, the internally displaced, and other migrants in the region. As the winterization period approaches, there needs to be a plan set to ensure warm, safe, and dignified living conditions. DTM tracks the need and access to solid fuel, access to transportation, and medical services and medicine.

Image 3: Images of internally displaced peoples in Ukraine.

What I found particularly inspiring about the internship is that the maps I create provide critical information to decision-makers and responders during crises and contribute to a better understanding of the population flow in Ukraine. I am very grateful that my internship allowed me to contribute to IOM’s mission, which is well aligned with my professional objectives. The highlight of my internship was contributing to the biweekly internal displacement reports for Ukraine, which connected me with other data analysts on the team and helped me learn about the procedure for publishing reports for international organizations. Overall, my JPC journey has been of the most enriching experiences.


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