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UNA-Canada Celebrates World Food Day!

Today UNA-Canada is celebrating World Food Day recognizing Rural Women, Food Heroes and the work of the World Food Programme (WFP)! The recent announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize to the WFP provides a moment to reflect on this United Nations body and its daily work.

The WFP is the biggest humanitarian organization on the planet! In 2019, WFP provided food assistance to 100 million in 80 countries. The WFP also continues to work on the forefront of the Climate Crisis by helping communities prepare before disasters!

The work of the United Nations and its Agencies, including the World Health Organization, have only become more vital to all countries; working against impulses of countries to pull back from development commitments, just at the time when these investments are needed the most for the most vulnerable.

Millions more are now on the precipice of famine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. World Food Day is a moment to reflect on hunger and how, in a world of plenty, millions lack basic food security - including in prosperous Canada.

World Food Day is also a moment to reflect on the hunger for solidarity in the world - to attack shared threats and bring solutions in solidarity. In the words of the UN Charter signed by Mackenzie King 75 years ago: "We the peoples".

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