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Dr. John McGarry

John McGarry has devoted his career to establishing the research base from which the foundations of peace can be built. Professor of Political Studies and Canada Research Chair in Nationalism and Democracy at Queen's University, Kingston, he is a leader in the study and practice of national and ethnic conflict resolution.

The work he has carried out during his distinguished career has revolutionized the academic study of these important subjects, while the direct application of his work to conflicts around the world (notably in Northern Ireland and Cyprus) has helped create new opportunities for peace and democracy worldwide. Beyond research, his work in Cyprus in particular has demonstrated the power of what he calls "consociationalism", a power-sharing arrangement that brings together different ethnic and linguistic groups, recognizing the importance of empowering minorities and protecting their right to participate through political and judicial measures. As a nationally and internationally recognized authority in his field, he is widely read by his peers, and his advice is sought by governments and international organizations (including the UN, where he was appointed the first "Senior Advisor on Power Sharing").

His world-class research and its direct application to conflict have enriched Canada's intellectual heritage, as they exemplify the proud Canadian tradition of responsible engagement in international affairs and Lester B. Pearson's legacy of peaceful mediation. Pearson's legacy of peaceful mediation.

Dr. John McGarry
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