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Archbishop Edward Scott

Archbishop Edward Scott is the recipient of the 1988 Pearson Peace Prize medal.

Archbishop Scott was ordained as an Anglican minister in 1942, became Bishop of Kootenay in 1966, and served as primate of the Anglican Church of Canada from 1971 to 1986.  He also served as moderator of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches from 1975 to 1983. He was considered a liberal in the church and was an advocate of reforms such as the ordination of women. In the late 1980s, Archbishop Scott served on the Commonwealth of Nations “Eminent Persons Group” that recommended the implementation of sanctions against South Africa.

UNA-Canada awards the Pearson Peace Medal annually to a Canadian who has personally contributed to those humanitarian causes to which Lester B. Pearson devoted his distinguished career. The Pearson Peace medal was first awarded to Paul-Émile Cardinal Léger in 1979.

Archbishop Edward Scott
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