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Copy of Copy of Celebrating and Inspiring Action on the 50th Anniversary of the United Nat

Environment Festival 2022

Youth and Community Environment Festival 

UNA-Canada was proud to serve as the national partner for the celebration of the UN Environment Programme’s 50thAnniversary. Our year of events and celebrations were wrapped up at our Montreal Environmental Festivals held in Montreal, in collaboration with UNEP and UNDP. 


The first part of the festival invited families and children to get closer to the work of the United Nations. While young guests learned about environmental issues through entertaining performances, songs, and stories about nature and conservation from Todd Stewart, Ashoke Mohanraj, and Theresa Bear Fox, parents had an opportunity to meet local organizations that are making daily efforts to care for the environment.


In the second part of the event, young professionals, interested in conservation and sustainability, got advice from distinguished speakers about different career pathways and discovered how one's passion for the environment can translate into a successful career. We were very proud to have among the speakers the following people: 


  • Ms Fatou Ndoye, Deputy Director, UN Environment Programme

  • Mr Andrew Donaher, Vice President CGI

  • Dr Sarah Rourke, Director of the Indigenous Health Professions Program, McGill University

  • Jordan Carper, Environment Graduate, Rio Tinto 

  • Ms Nicole Cote, Director General of the Protected Areas Directorate, Environment and Climate Change Canada


This festival would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors - CGI, Rio Tinto, Air Canada, and Power Corporation of Canada. Together, we are helping to make a positive and lasting difference for future generations and our home - Canada. Thanks to the help of our sponsors, the United Nations Association in Canada continues to fulfil its mission of educating and engaging Canadian citizens on the work of the United Nations and global issues that affect us all.


We will see you again very soon!

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