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IYIP Application

Can you see yourself working in a UN office promoting human rights, the rule of law, and sustainable development? Are you flexible, adaptable, and comfortable in challenging situations?

Applicants must be:


  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents

  • Graduates of a post-secondary institution

  • Interested in international development/affairs

  • Between 18 and 30 years old at the time of selection

  • Able to meet the eligibility criteria of the UN host organization following a suitability interview


*Applicants who have previously participated in the Government of Canada's International Youth Internship Program are not eligible to apply again.

Programme Cycle


  1. Applications will generally open every six months – please watch for this news on our website and social media.

  2. Offers of acceptance are sent out approximately three to four months before deployment

  3. Once candidates are selected and matched with a UN internship based on research interests and career goals, they will attend a one-week pre-departure briefing session in Ottawa, ON and receive pre-departure logistics and assistance leading up to this one-week session

  4. Selected candidates will deploy to their UN internship immediately after the pre-departure session in Ottawa.

  5. Selected candidates will return to Ottawa immediately after their six-month placement for a two-day debriefing session.

  6. After completing their internship, participants are required to run a Community Engagement Activity of their choosing


Please note that due to COVID-19, all submitted applications for the International Youth Internship Programme (IYIP) are currently on pause for review until further notice. Due to this, applications are currently not open. 


Once applications commence with reviews, a notification will most likely be sent via our Survey Monkey Apply software and announced again on our website.


In the meanwhile, please keep safe.



Application Process

  1. Fill out the online application form, indicating preferably your three best placement options according to those listed on this website;​

  2. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail of your application;

  3. After the initial selection of applications, UNA will contact eligible and suitable candidates by e-mail for a telephone or Skype interview;

  4. UNA will associate your skills and interests with one of our missions to UN agencies;

  5. The United Nations agency will then choose its interviews;

  6. UNA-Canada and the selected UN agency will discuss your application and interviews to determine your acceptance into the program;

  7. Information session and logistics / assistance before departure;

  8. Community Engagement Project;

  9. Completed placement;

  10. Reintegration Session in Ottawa; and

  11. Continuous support for your job search.

Financial Support 

The programme, funded by the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy under the International Youth Internship Program, offers modest living stipends to interns overseas that cover accommodation, food and ground transportation. The programme also contributes to vaccines, insurance and visa costs and covers the full price of airfare.

Interns are responsible for researching, preparing, and budgeting for their accommodation in their placement locations.

Past Junior Professional Consultants

  • Are diverse Canadian youth who were at the top of their undergraduate and graduate programs

  • Have gone on to pursue advanced degrees and careers in law, international relations, gender studies, communications, advocacy, journalism, conflict studies, development studies, and the non-profit sector.

  • Have won major Canadian federal, provincial, and university-based scholarships or fellowships

  • Have been hired by their host UN agencies or other UN organizations, pursued careers in Canada at the federal, provincial or municipal levels as well as within civil society organizations and the private sector

Programme Testimonials

“UNAC’s IDDIP’s emphasis on global citizenship and promoting & educating Canadians for a more just & equitable world has been an inspiring theme running throughout my placement here and is certainly reflected in Geneva; it has enriched both my professional as well as personal learning adventures and will continue to be a driving force in my future endeavours.


UNICEF Geneva, 2015

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