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Weris' Journey at UNDP Rwanda

Written by Weris Dualeh “If we remember the quarrels and mistakes of yesterday, we will never have someone to party together with us” – a Rwandan proverb I often hear since my arrival in Kigali. This quote is a testament to the people of Rwanda, the tragedy that the country has endured, but most importantly, the bright future that is ahead.

UNDP Rwanda’s country office has an ambiance that is familial, welcoming, warm and dedicated to the countries goal of achieving middle income status by 2035 and high-income country status by 2050. Rwanda plans to increase its development is an ambitious, yet very possible goal and this country office aims to assist in making that happen! It is both an honor and privilege to be a part of making history happen.

The city I live in, Kigali, is famously known as a part of the land of 1,000 hills. I did not realize how literal the word 1,000 hills was until the day after I arrived and saw the city in light. I arrived in Kigali on a Sunday night and I remember the driver pointing in different directions, out the window as he was giving me a tour of the city on my way to the hotel. I could not help but think how interesting it was that he would know exactly where landmarks were are the top of his head. It was in the dark so naturally I was staring into nothing. However, I soon learnt the next day that the city is literally on hills, (kabisa!) and one of the most beautiful things in Kigali is how you have an amazing view from every angle (and sometimes you can spot your house from an incredible view.)

What I have enjoyed most about my time in Kigali and my work with UNDP Rwanda is the unforgettable bonds and relationships created with colleagues, which allowed me to take part in a traditional Rwandan wedding ceremony called a Gusaba, learning Swahili and working with partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries. I have learnt the importance of resource mobilization, the hard work that goes into planning a huge summit and sustaining relationships with Rwanda’s government in order to ensure the mutual interest of continuing to contribute to Rwanda’s goals. I am excited for what the rest of my time in Kigali will bring!


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