Host Employers

Canada Green Corps is a youth employment programme, designed to assist employers with hiring a talented young professional.


UNA-Canada partners with employers in a variety of sectors across the country who provide diverse opportunities for young professionals to launch their careers. By partnering with UNA-Canada, employers join a national network of sustainability leaders and benefit from the contributions of talented and energetic young professionals. Canada Green Corps provides its employer partners with access to an extremely qualified pool of driven youth who are ready to take action, as well as a wage-subsidy.

Eligible employer organizations include:


  • Non-profit organizations

  • Municipal, provincial, and territorial governments, institutions, agencies, and Crown corporations

  • Indigenous organizations (including band councils, tribal councils, and self-governing entities)

  • Private companies

Examples of environmental sectors include:

  • Green Manufacturing

  • Carbon & Climate Change Mitigation

  • Energy Efficiency & Green Building

  • Green Services

  • Renewable/Green Energy

  • Resource Conservation

  • Environmental Protection

  • Alternative/Sustainable Transportation

  • Sustainable Planning/Urban Design

  • Eco-Tourism

  • Green Retail

  • Other

The first step for potential employers who are interested in hiring a Green Corps intern is to email the Green Corps Project Officer. There is no deadline for employers to apply, but there will be limited funding.