Meet our current Junior Professional Consultants 


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Inaara Merani

Inaara is a passionate individual who was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is currently enrolled at the University of Ottawa, in her final year, studying International Development and Globalization, with a minor in Women's Studies. Following her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue a law degree. Inaara's interests include: the environment, gender equality, human rights, and supporting disadvantaged and marginalized communities. She also enjoys travelling and reading. Inaara has experience working at the Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as Indigenous Services Canada. Each of these experiences focused on policies geared towards on-reserve Indigenous Peoples. Inaara also volunteers with individuals living with intellectual disabilities and previously volunteered for an on-campus organization promoting the prevention of sexual assault. She is devoted to supporting others in different capacities and hopes that her experience with UNFPA Bangladesh will further support her interests pertaining to women's sexual and reproductive health. 


Srijita Sarker

Srijita Sarker is from Calcutta, India. She is a recent graduate from Goodman School of Business, Brock University. She is a postgraduate whose master’s in business administration majoring in finance. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration with finance specialization from India. She is currently working as a finance intern for UNDP Indonesia’s Innovative Financing Lab. She aids her support to the UNDP with her research work on sustainable finance. She is also involved in the project of the host country issuance of SGD Bonds in Indonesia. Srijita loves to spend her time reading a book, hiking and cooking delicious food from all around the world.

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Kyrgyz Republic

Bartosz Chmura

Bartosz Chmura is a fourth-year student in Honours Bachelor in International Economics and Development with a Minor in Political Science at the University of Ottawa, originally from Dębica, Poland. Raised in Brussels, during which Poland entered the European Union, and in Tunisia, during which he witnessed the civil resistance movement, imprinted in him a spirit of building a better future in a collaborative manner while improving the lives of everyone – with particular attention given to the most vulnerable. In Canada, where he worked for the federal government and the University of Ottawa, he reflects on his roles and responsibilities as a global citizen in the midst of the 21st century climate crisis. As a JPC working as Programme Analyst, Climate Change, at the United Nations Development Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic, he contributes to the UNDP COVID-19 Response by addressing socio-economic issues, identifying environmental opportunities and developing numerous initiatives, projects and programmes within the UNDP and with its partners.

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Lauren Carson

Lauren is currently interning with the International Organization for Migration as a Junior Professional Consultant of Migrant Empowerment. The projects she is working on include analyzing the role that technology plays in amplifying migrant worker’s voices as well as looking at ethical recruitment and the protection of vulnerable migrant workers in the hotel and tourism industry. Lauren is from Calgary, Alberta, where she is currently completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. Lauren is a graduate of the University of Calgary, where she achieved a degree in Political Science and Development Studies. She is passionate about creating avenues for marginalized peoples to gain access to justice. As such, she volunteers with Student Legal Assistance, where low-income people are able to obtain legal assistance and representation. Lauren is also interested in creating outlets for empowerment, specifically uplifting immigrants who are new to Calgary. To this end, she works as a Peer Helper in the University of Calgary’s International Student Services, in which she provides essential guidance to ensure that problems faced by international students are heard and ultimately solved. 

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Ghazal Zazai
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Ghazal has a strong passion for international development, stemming from her lived experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Canada. She currently resides in Ottawa, Canada. Ghazal comes from a diverse background in business, political affairs, policy development and academia. She has worked as a policy advisor and government relations coordinator, bringing with her experience in political affairs, stakeholder engagement and advocacy work. Ghazal is currently studying Master of Arts in International Affairs and specializing in the field of Health, Displacement and Humanitarian Policy. Ghazal has conducted research on talent migration in innovation for ‘Politics of Human Migration and Mobility.’ She is also working as a Research Assistant on a case study to examine the interlinkages between health, gender equality and conflict. She has demonstrated her distinct knowledge, pragmatism and critical thinking in policy analysis on issues of fragile states, complex humanitarian crises and international development.