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Building Young Entrepeneurs 
for Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, business leader, or have experience working with youth?

 UNA-Canada invites you to join Building Young Entrepreneurs by hosting a youth intern, recruited, trained and vetted by our Association, for a six-month internship placement.


Become a Global Citizen by contributing to the UN development agenda where “Sustainable economic growth and decent work” is one of the set goals for the next 15 years. 


Take pride in mentoring and supporting a motivated and resilient generation of entrepreneurs and owners by providing skills-training and business mentoring opportunities to youth facing barriers.



Contact us today at for more information or to become a partner. 

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Programme Testimonials

“This forum helped me re-evaluate and think about the way I want to carry myself in the world. The awareness and knowledge shown by the panelists along with the determination I think definitely helped me boot my confidence."

Anisa HashiBuilding Young Entrepreneurs Participant at

The Emerging Female Leaders in Business Forum, 2018

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