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Active Citizens Participants

Program Timeline


Training sessions for the 2018/19 edition of AC took place on the following dates in the following cities:

St. John's: October 12 - 14

Toronto: November 23 - 25

This year’s Youth Innovation Summit was hosted in Ottawa in March 2019. 

Applicants must be:


a) Between 18 and 35 years of age at the time of the workshop and

b) Living in Canada


No social enterprise or community project experience is required to apply, but candidates will be assessed on the basis of their social enterprise or social action project idea and its link to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ideal candidates value fairness and social justice and have a strong sense of local culture and identity. They have excellent communication skills and are interested in exploring social entrepreneurship as a means of addressing a need in their community. Whether you’re a budding social entrepreneur or a newcomer to the field in search of new tools to address a social or environmental issue, your application is welcome!

For any questions or more information, please contact

Read about out past editions here: 


First Edition


Second Edition

Programme Testimonials

“The delivery of the programme was very well done. The facilitators engaged us, pushed us and overall treated every participant not as a young student but as an individual who has a passion and wants to work toward it. So thank you!”


Ottawa, ON

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