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1945 - 2005

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Celebrate the founding of the UN with the United Nations Association in Canada and with all Canadians!

Take the Global Citizen Challenge!

Nominate your candidate and tell us what makes a global citizen to you.

Is it leadership; is it compassion; is it courage that makes a Global Citizen to you? Is your ideal Canadian Global Citizen known to all? Known only to a few? Do they lead or are they wonderful examples? Are they wise and white haired or youthful and ready to act? Does your Global Citizen make peace through their efforts out in the larger world or does the peace and understanding they make start in your neighbourhood or family? Are they a Peacekeeper - or an aid worker - or a community leader or activist - or a teacher - or a writer - or ----?

View a video on the Challenge:

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Help us recognize the heroes of Canada who are Global Citizens to you. Show that you recognize others and the ways they build a more peaceful, just and fair world, where we all share the wealth and the load: where we are each a part of the global community.

The United Nations Association of Canada will send a Global Citizens Certificate to every nominee to mark the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations and to mark Canada's ongoing contributions to global citizenship.

Be a part of the celebration! Show you care too.

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