As United Nations Association In Canada celebrates our 75th anniversary and @unitednations 75th Anniversary, we are beyond thrilled to begin our new Global Citizen Highlights! UNA-Canada will be highlighting Canadian individuals whose contributions to their neighbourhood, community, country, have helped break barriers and shape a better life for someone or for Canada or for the world!

For a 25$ donation, you or someone you know can nominate a special individual in your community to receive a virtual Global Citizen recognition and certificate! What does a Global Citizen mean to you? Maybe it’s someone who has broken barriers and shattered the glass ceiling…Maybe it’s someone who has taught you solidarity and active allyship… Maybe it’s someone who has quietly brought you comfort, peace and support during hardships…Maybe, it’s someone who has changed the world you live in! No action is too big or too small for someone to be a Global Citizen!

Please contact [email protected] with both your and your nominee's contact information and email address along with the reason you would like them to be acknowledged as a UNA-Canada Global Citizen! UNA-Canada will be sending certificates virtually. 


The United Nations Association in Canada offers a range of diverse programming across Canada and internationally that furthers our mandate of growing global citizens. Your involvement and support are crucial to our work and always appreciated.

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