Building Young Entrepeneurs 

Building Young Entrepreneurs  is a youth employment and entrepreneurship programme, designed to assist employers with hiring an un- or under-employed young professional.

How to Get Involved
  1. Send UNA-Canada a job description by filling out the form or sending an email to [email protected]

  2. Select candidates to interview and select an applicant

  3. Hire an intern for 8-16 weeks, providing ongoing mentorship

  4. Submit feedback and receive a wage subsidy


FULL TIME - $3,600

PART TIME - $1,500


FULL TIME - $4,000

PART TIME - $1,700


FULL TIME - $3,300

PART TIME - $1,400


FULL TIME - $4,100

PART TIME - $1,800

Wage Subsidy Estimates


Based on a 16-week internship of 35 and 15 hours per week

Programme Testimonials

“This forum helped me re-evaluate and think about the way I want to carry myself in the world. The awareness and knowledge shown by the panelists along with the determination I think definitely helped me boot my confidence."


Emerging Female Leaders in Business Forum, 2018


L'association canadienne pour les Nations Unies offre des programmes diversifiés à travers le Canada et à l'international qui avancent notre mandat de cultiver des citoyens du monte. Votre participation et soutien sont essentiels à notre travail et toujours appréciés. 

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